giovedì 17 gennaio 2013

Gli amici de Il Fatto Quotidiano ci hanno chiesto di spiegare perché il bike-sharing a Roma non va. Ed ecco cosa gli abbiamo cercato di spiegare

Qui sopra il video, a questo link l'articolo della brava Paola Mentuccia. 

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06 February 2013
AnsaldoBreda (Part One)

Snow and Ice build-up damage to the underside of trains recently delivered by AnsaldoBreda for "Fyra" service between Amsterdam and Brussels.
(NB: This post contains some links to news stories in languages other than English. Please let Google Translate be your friend)

Denmark, Belgium, and The Netherlands are three small countries that share many similar characteristics. All three are Constitutional Monarchies, all three share a border with Germany, all three stare down the North Sea, all three think strong black licorice is delicious, all three have languages that, when spoken, make a person sound like they have a throat ailment, all three have strong bicycle culture...okay, Belgium is doing some catch-up on that one...and all three have ordered intercity (long-distance) trains from AnsaldoBreda intended to be a backbone of rail service in each country.

The company which now titles itself "AnsaldoBreda" was created through a merger of Ansaldo Trasporti and Breda Costruzioni Ferroviarie in 2001. It is a subsidiary of Finmeccanica, a conglomerate which in 1993 also acquired other now-unrelated divisions of the former Gio. Anslado & C., which also use the name "Ansaldo" as a prefix in their names. For example Ansaldo STS is a signals and automation company also owned by Finmeccanica but run separately from AnsaldoBreda, though they do work together on some products.

Finmeccanica is partially (30%) owned by the Italian State.